OneLink Systems Remote Monitoring

  • Whether you are calling a technician to service your generator, or dispatching technicians from a NOC, save time and money by giving your people the information they need to solve the problem on the first trip
  • Customize our high-level dashboards and alert subscriptions so that you are never caught unaware
  • Identify problems, verify compliance, and hold technicians accountable with our robust set of tools for viewing historical data and logs

Real Time Monitoring

Whether you are a homeowner who needs to make sure their generator is ready for the next big storm, or a large company managing 1000’s assets in the field, our highly customizable OneLink device allows you to remotely review asset information including active alarms, fuel level, battery voltage, engine RPM, GPS location, and much more, all in real time. Feel secure in having your asset’s vitals at your fingertips!

Stay Notified

Our customizable dashboards allow you to see what you care about when you need it. Along with a robust alert notification system that allows you to set up email and SMS notifications, it is easy to know when your generator breaks its custom set geofence, runs low on fuel, or has a system alarm that might prevent it from running when you need it.

Own Your Data

Never wonder ‘what happened’ again. Store your connected asset’s vital information on the OneLink cloud to be accessed when you need it. Our tools allow you to analyze and compare vitals over time, verify that a technician did what they said, export reports, and much more. Whether you are looking at our event timeline, customizable data charting, or raw data in our filterable table there should be no questions as to what’s going on with your asset at any given time.



  • Remotely control and monitor a variety of assets such as generators and ATSs
  • Always be aware with email and SMS alert subscriptions
  • Robust history tools and exportable reports (more here)
  • Scheduled snapshot report generation
  • Highly customizable asset dashboard (more here)
  • Organize units and delegate responsibility with our unique tagging system
  • Hold users accountable with our user management system and robust logging
  • Readily keep track of your assets on the globe with our ‘Sites’ system
  • GPS tracking and customizable geofences (more here)
  • Robust help center with wiring diagrams and an FAQ
  • Dedicated technical support available to help you with unit activation and wiring

Start using a Onelink today

Contact our sales department if you would like help purchasing a OneLink. OneLink owners can activate their devices via the add device page or register for an account via the registration page.